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11 Plus - Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers

IPS are proud of their range of 11 Plus Practice Papers and books. Whereas other publishers only seem to produce full practice exam papers, IPS publish a whole range of different book and papers to help prepare your child for an eleven plus examination. We also developed "dual format" papers to prevent customers buying, or being sold the wrong format for them.

IPS Non-Verbal reasoning papers come in packs of 8, 30 minute tests.

IPS Mathematics papers come in a book of 10, 35 minute tests.

Our verbal reasoning eleven plus practice papers and books all contain over 20 of the most common question types used on 11 plus examination papers today.

Daily Practice books - Popular homework books for 5 or ten minutes work every day in both Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics.

We sell on-line and in bookshops. Our books are bought by parents, tutors, schools and tutor groups across the country. Many tutors and schools use our books to provide children with homework exercises.

You can buy any of our books or papers on-line.

Click HERE to visit the IPS shop where you can purchase any of our 11 plus practice papers.

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